Token Staking

Token staking perks
Users are able to stake their tokens in any of their preferred staking pools available on the protocol to earn rewards, granting them attractive APYs.
Project Review: The ZStake team will undergo a thorough review of projects that are to be listed (enrolled) in the staking pools to ensure the safety of investments of users on the protocol.
Staking: Staking (committing) is done periodically (following at least a minimum duration of 24 hours). Increasing your stake can only be done within at least 24 hours.
Claiming Rewards: Pool rewards are accumulated over a period of time upon staking and can be claimed periodically after at least 24 hours of committing tokens.
Unstake: Users are able to withdraw their stakes from any designated pool only after at least 24 hours of their last rewards claim or stake.
Rewards are derived by the formula: rewards = ((APY / 365) * stake) * duration_in_days