ZStake Reward Pool

Holders of ZStake tokens have the opportunity to claim rewards from the rewards pool, which is accumulated from the 3% transaction fees allocated for rewards. The rewards are distributed proportionally to the holders' holdings and can be claimed once every three days. However, the ZKlub holders are prioritized and can claim rewards daily. This feature is a way of giving back value to the ZStake community, as it incentivizes users to hold the token for a longer period. By holding the token, users not only benefit from potential price appreciation but also earn additional rewards. It is essential to note that the claimable tokens are not from any standing or unminted supply. Instead, they are tokens that are generated from the transaction fees implemented in the ZStake token contract. The 3% transaction fee is automatically deducted from each transaction made with the ZStake token, and the tokens collected are added to the rewards pool.


To claim rewards from the rewards pool, users need to connect their wallets to the ZStake platform and navigate to the rewards section. Here, they will see their share of the rewards pool based on their token holdings. Users can claim their rewards once every three days, and the claimed rewards are automatically sent to their wallets. By claiming rewards from the rewards pool, users can earn additional tokens without having to make any additional investments or take any additional risks.