ZKlub Member Benefits

Revenue Sharing - ZKlub NFT holders are entitled to receive 40% of the revenue generated by ZCasino games. This provides them with a source of passive income. Rarity - With only 10,000 ZKlub NFTs available, the rarity of the token is expected to drive its value higher over time, making it an attractive investment for collectors and investors alike. Membership in a Community - ZKlub NFT holders become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Access to Exclusive Content - ZKlub NFT holders may be eligible for exclusive content or perks, such as early access to new releases or access to restricted areas of the ZStake website. One-time Airdrop of ZSTAKE Tokens - ZKlub NFT holders will receive the biggest airdrop of ZSTAKE Tokens. This will provide them with an additional source of value and potential earnings. Daily Claimable Rewards - Holders of ZKlub NFTs can claim ZSTAKE Tokens from the ZStake reward pool daily. This reward pool is designed to incentivize long-term holding and active participation in the ZStake ecosystem.
It is essential to note that the claimable tokens are not from any standing or unminted supply. Instead, they are tokens that are generated from the transaction fees implemented in the ZStake token contract. The 3% transaction fee is automatically deducted from each transaction made with the ZStake token, and the tokens collected are added to the rewards pool. Airdrops from Project Collaborations - ZKlub NFT holders will also receive airdrops from other projects that may partner with ZStake in rewarding the Aleph Zero Community with airdrops. This provides them with additional opportunities to earn tokens and participate in new blockchain projects. Overall, ZKlub NFT holders enjoy a range of benefits that make holding the token a compelling investment opportunity. With a combination of revenue-sharing, rarity, exclusive content, transferability, and additional token rewards, ZKlub NFTs offer a unique value proposition in the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency.