The official ZStake NFT for revenue distribution in ZCasino.
ZKlub is a unique NFT (non-fungible token) that has a total of only 10,000 NFTs available. The NFT is designed to give its holders a share of the revenue generated by ZCasino games, offering them a chance to earn a profit by owning the NFT. The NFTs will be sold in two rounds, the Pre-Launch Round and the Post-Launch Round. In the Pre-Launch Round, 5000 ZKlub NFTs will be sold at a price of 25 AZERO each. In the Post-Launch Round, another 5000 ZKlub NFTs will be sold, but at a higher price of 50 AZERO each. The aim of ZKlub is to create a community of NFT holders who can benefit from the revenue generated by ZCasino games. The 40% revenue share for NFT holders will be distributed on a regular basis, providing them with a source of passive income. With only 10,000 ZKlub NFTs available, the rarity of the token is expected to drive its value higher over time, making it an attractive investment for collectors and investors alike.